The Just Shall Live by Faith

How many times have we heard this scripture verse and nodded in agreement? Probably numerous times. But let’s stop and think about what it means.

Have you ever heard the expression: he outlived his life? What does that mean? It refers to a person who is still breathing but has so many health issues as to render him incapable of really enjoying his life.

So what does it mean that the just shall live by faith? Who are the just? That’s us – the born-again believers who have been justified by Jesus’ Blood and have right standing with our Heavenly Father, just as if we’ve never sinned!

But living by faith is more than just existing. It’s actually partaking of the zöe life of God – His DNA. It’s faith in Him and His Word.

The unsaved cannot walk in this kind of life because they’re not connected to God. They’re actually walking dead men with no life of God in them.

Speaking of the zöe life of God – it’s the essence of God – His DNA, what makes Him tick. And we have that life-giving dunamis (dynamite) power of God residing in us, in our re-born spirit. How awesome is that!

We are overcomers to say the least and powerhouses in this earth, able to do exploits for the Lord. If we ever get a grip on who we really are in the Lord Jesus, we could change the world, get people saved, healed, delivered, and set free. Then we can get out of here and go be with the Lord forever and ever!

What a treasure we have in this earthen vessel of ours! Praise the Lord of Glory!

Habakkuk 2:4b (KJV) 4  …  but the just shall live by his faith.
Galatians 3:11b (KJV) 11  … The just shall live by faith.
Romans 4:24-25 (KJV) 24  But for us also, to whom it shall be imputed, if we believe on him that raised up Jesus our Lord from the dead;
25  Who was delivered for our offences, and was raised again for our justification.

Romans 10:17 (KJV) 17  So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
Galatians 2:20 (KJV) 20  I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.
Philippians 1:21 (KJV) 21  For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.


Author: Pamela Moyle

Pamela is a teacher, author, and life-long student of the Word of God, teaching foundational truths to help others walk by faith and not by sight!

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